Meganography’s Policy

This is Meganography’s official terms and policy. This applies even if client did not sign a contract.


The copyright of the photographs is retained by Meganography at all times throughout the world. Where a digital version of the photographs has been included for the clients, the client does not own the photos even if they paid for them. These photographs will include a print release and may be printed and/ or displayed online, for personal use. Commercial use must be approved in written form by the photographer and include citation (credit).

Things clients may NOT do when they receive their photos are…

– edit, put a filter on, make black and white, etc.

– send to publishers, magazines, blogs, etc. without written permission.

– client cannot claim that client owns the photo.

– client may not post on social media or your website and/or blog without crediting/tagging Meganography

– client may not sell the pictures

 *Meganography does not offer photoshop editing, retouching and does not do re-edits.

As a photographer, I need my photographs to be an accurate representation of my work so that future clients have a good understanding of my brand and style. The client agrees to be responsible for any family member or friend who posts my photographs online and agrees that they cannot be cropped (with the exception of forced cropping on social media), altered in color, or edited in any way. Should the photographer discover any violations to this agreement, the clients agree to be held financially responsible at a rate of $300 per violation.

Model Release

Since Meganography owns the rights to these photos,

when client does a shoot with Meganography, Megan automatically has the right to post them to social media, use for her advertisement, post to her website, etc. without client’s further permission.

If client would not like the pictures of them used, client must tell Megan that, otherwise, Megan will have no idea that she does not have client’s consent.  Once the photo is already posted, client may not request for Meganography to take it down.

Creative Control

By doing a shoot with Meganography, client agrees that the work delivered will be of a similar style and caliber to those photographs on photographer’s website and social media, but the client understands that the photographer cannot guarantee it will be exact. The client agrees that the photographer will have complete creative control during the photographs and in post-processing. The images will be delivered in JPEG format and deemed appropriate by the photographer. No re-editing will be done after the edited copies are presented to the client. Images photographer provides to client are the images that matched photographers’s quality and brand. All images that do not meet photographer’s standards are deleted as they are no use. Meganography does not offer photoshop.

Under no circumstances will Meganography provide RAW (unedited) images to anyone. RAW video footage can be purchased separately as it is not included in any of Meganography’s standard packages.


In the unlikeliness of a photographic failure (such as: card failure, camera failure, computer or software crashing, etc), and there is no way to get the photographs back, for certain circumstances a re-shoot may be scheduled but is not required, and there will be no refund what so ever. Meganography is also not responsible for any client injuries that occur while at a shoot.

Retention of Delivered Files

Once the files are delivered to the client, it is the client’s sole responsibility to protect and retain their images for the future. It is no longer Megan’s responsibility once the files are in the hands of the client. If the files are delivered through Pixieset, it is the client’s responsibility to download the pictures multiple times (to be safe) before the expiry date. It is highly recommended that USB’s be duplicated and stored in multiple locations in cool dry areas. If a gallery is requested by a client to be re-uploaded, there will be $25 re-upload fee per galley per time. The gallery will not be re-uploaded without payment. If the client requests a replacement of the USB they received with their package, there is a $75 replacement fee for all USBs. This includes shipping.

Payments & Cancellations

Meganography’s prices are firm. Megan will not change the price unless she is doing it for her own purposes. She hopes that does not affect whether you shoot with Meganography or not. 

All payments paid to Meganography are NON-REFUNDABLE no matter the situation (there are exceptions only for weddings). This includes deposits and retainers.

As for cancellations, if you secure a date with Meganography, and you decide to cancel within 14 days of the shoot date, there will be a $25 cancellation fee required whether there was a contract or not. If client decides to reschedule within 24 hours of the session, there is a $25 rescheduling fee. The same applies for Mini Sessions. Different rules apply for weddings & seniors.

Mini Sessions

If a client books a spring mini, fall mini, or any other session that is considered or classified as a mini session (under 1 hour) and the client wishes to cancel the session at any time, the client must forfeit the non-refundable retainer fee they paid and must pay the rest of their balance in full within 48 hours of the cancellation due the lower prices and limited availability for mini sessions. If the client wishes to reschedule for any reason at any time, there will be an additional $25 rescheduling fee. If the photographer reschedules, there will no extra fee applied.

All clients agree to these terms when booking a mini session with Meganography. This policy is public for anyone to find.

Paying policy

These are the paying method Meganography accepts:




All sessions require a non-refundable retainer fee. This retainer fee amount is subject to change depending on the type of session and time of year. The session is not secured or booked until the retainer fee is paid. Some sessions will require a contract as well. All full balances must be paid on the day of the session, or the photos will not be delivered until full balance is paid. *Different rules apply to weddings.

If a check bounces, there will be an additional $25 charge and no photos or services will be delivered until the 2nd check clears or full balance is paid off. *Different rules apply to weddings.

*All clients paying through Venmo are required to add on an additional 1.9% + $.10 fee on top of their payment.


Contracts are required for wedding photography, wedding videography, senior sessions & some various other sessions.


Cancellation Policy Updated for all existing and future contracts: The clients may cancel this contract at any time up to 30 days prior to the wedding date. To do so, clients must send a written cancellation notice via either email or certified mail and they will also owe a $95 cancellation fee. If the wedding is canceled within 31-60 days of the date, the clients will have to pay 50% of the full amount due. If client cancels 61 days-100 days out, client will owe 40% of the total excluding the retainer fee and additional $95 cancellation fee. If client cancels 5-7 months from the wedding, client will owe 30% of the total amount excluding the retainer fee and additional $95 cancellation fee. If client cancels the wedding within 30 days of the wedding, client will owe 100% of their full balance plus a $95 cancellation fee.

If the wedding is out of state and requires the photographer(s) and assistant(s) to fly a plane or travel at all, and the client cancels at any time, client(s) are responsible for reimbursing all plane tickets bought, rental cars, and hotel rooms and any other amenities booked for the trip in full. 


All senior sessions require $50 down and a signed contract.

If client requests to amend or cancel this agreement 60 or less calendar days before the agreed upon photographic event date, there will be a $25 cancellation fee applied to the balance the client owes and the client will need to pay the cancellation fee within 3 days of cancelling (They will need to pay the balance they owe + $25 fee). If client must cancel the photographic event, they must cancel 7 days in advance. If client fails to show at the photographic event, there will be a $95 fee applied to the balance the client owes (They will need to pay the balance + $95 fee). Packages can never be downgraded, only upgraded.

In the event that the client requests to reschedule a photographic event, the client must notice the photographer at least 7 days prior to the scheduled event. Reschedule must be within the same calendar year or within the time period the photographer mentions. There is a rescheduling fee of $25 per reschedule if the date is within the same month, $50 if it is in a different month. Any client that is late arriving to the event will have the amount of time late deducted from the time allotted for the event. Client may hire photographer for longer coverage if photographer is available. Photographer has the right to refuse to be hired for longer coverage. Client will pay the then-current rate of additional coverage at the time of the event. Clients will not be compensated for the time deducted from the event due to late arrival of the client. If it rains or it is hailing and the shoot cannot be completed (photographer’s call), the shoot will be rescheduled by the photographer to the next available date the photographer has. Summer seniors may not be able to reschedule to fall or the following spring if client requests to reschedule, it is up to photographer due to price and session time differences. If reschedule is due to weather only, and photographer has 0 available dates left for summer, photographer will reschedule client to next available date in the next month without a change in price. If client requests to reschedule to fall or spring, and photographer’s prices/session packages are different, client must pay photographer’s current season pricing. Sessions can never be downgraded, only upgraded.

Turnaround time is 4 weeks for all senior sessions in a downloadable online gallery. USBs can be purchased as an add-on. Online galleries will be up for 1 month (Ex. if gallery is sent to client on May 24th, 2022, the gallery will expire on June 24th, 2022). Please see re-upload details above.